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Global Innovators: High School Summer Trips

In 2016, we’re leading four High School Summer Trips for Global Innovators. Each trip is a real-world field research and design project. Our students tackle contemporary issues as a collaborative team.

Along the way, we use a design process, our creative problem-solving toolkit, to push students to be true innovators. Add in elements of STEM, Entrepreneurship, Global Understanding and International Collaboration on every trip, and you can begin to see why our students are future Global Innovators.

This summer, our teams of high school students will design new bikes and invent new medical technology. They will create marketing campaigns and map an island. They will publish books, reports and website to share their ideas with the world. This is not just a teen tour or service project, but world changing skills and ideas.

High School Research Meeting in Croatia



“This trip is definitely one of the most unique programs I’ve ever done, and I will never forget my experiences and the friends I’ve made. There’s nothing like this trip, and that’s one of the greatest parts about it.”

Medhanit, 17, Dedham, MA

“My hopes were high, and the Smart Cities trip wildly exceeded my expectations. This was an unforgettable experience, filled with new friends, knowledge and fun.”

Emma, 17, Andover, MA

“I could not be happier that I decided to go on an Atlas Workshops trip! It is the perfect combination of cultural immersion and entrepreneurial, creative exploration that makes for a truly unbelievable trip.”

Brennan, 16, Chicago, IL

Custom Trips

We also plan custom trips in collaboration with schools, universities and groups. Each trip is driven by a real world question and we work closely with partnering schools and universities to develop an itinerary that advances our project, student outcomes, and aligns with your needs. From a field course on social entrepreneurship in India to a high school course on urban design in Germany let’s chat about a refreshing new style in educational travel.

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