Middle and High School Travel with Atlas

Atlas Workshops partners with schools to develop place-based programs that foster curiosity and creativity, research and design skills, and cultural literacy. We help educators bring their trip ideas to life and accomplish learning goals aligned with their curriculum.

We’ve led innovative programs in partnership with incredible schools around the globe, and are always developing new ideas for custom programs. We work to meet your program needs as a school and share our experience on everything from global learning methodologies to risk management.

Partner with Atlas Workshops:

Faculty Collaborations & Course-Based Travel

We have worked closely with a single faculty member or a small team to develop a program that aligns with a particular course, subject, idea, or interest. We can work to help assess "content hours" for school credit and integrate learning outcomes into a highly experiential, but still academic trip.

STEM-Based Travel Programs

With experience working with technology companies, infrastructure projects, and even product design, we use our expertise to help students think about how science, technology and engineering are shaping our world. From programs that look at how ICT changes our daily lives, to a trip that leads to a new invention or prototyping opportunity, our STEM inspired programs can bring classroom ideas and projects out into the world.

History & Identity Programs

Confronting history is an integral part of understanding our world. We approach historical sites and meetings through framing questions and local perspectives that help students draw connections between past events and current issues. How does a country’s history and language shape its identity? How do different countries tell the stories of their past, and why do these narratives matter?

Design-Thinking Programs

With over a decade of experience in the design field, we can guide students through a creative design thinking project as part of any trip, or as the core objective of a program. With our network of Design Leads who have worked on projects around the globe, we can share our expertise in design and field research with students to develop more hands-on or open-ended experiences.

Professional Development and Program Design

We can work with your school to plan place-based learning or design-thinking workshops for faculty or students at home or away. We can also bring our experience in student travel and risk management to you as fellow global educators. We are also available to consult on specific travel or innovation programs at your school. You can also join in one of our handful of open PD programs for educators each year.

Custom Programs of all Kinds

No two programs are the same. Every trip we lead is a unique project or learning experience, and every year we lead a number of totally new trips in partnership with both middle and high schools. If you have a special idea for a trip or just want something a little different from some of our past programs or offerings elsewhere, let's chat!