Educational Travel in Scandinavia and Iceland

Scandinavia is known for its progressive governments, sustainable lifestyles, dynamic cities, and cutting-edge design. We love this part of the world for all of these reasons, and find it’s an incredible place to ask questions about the way we live our lives.

We have had programs across Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries in places like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malmo, and Gothenburg. We’ve also brought groups to Reykjavik and around Iceland.

Possible Focus Areas:

  • Sustainable Urbanism

  • Copenhagen and other cities in the region are celebrated for their approach to transportation, urbanism, and environmental impact. From bike friendly cities to green architecture there are countless examples and inspirations across the region.

  • Socialism, Equity, Migration, and Political Systems

    • From an exploration of criminal justice systems to an open-ended reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of Northern socialist systems, Scandinavia can open up more questions about political systems at home and abroad.

  • Energy Systems and Usage

    • Iceland and Scandinavia have unique and fascinating energy systems with an emphasis on renewable systems. How transferable are the models in these different countries?