Educational Travel Programs in India

India is one of our favorite destinations. It is dynamic, complex, and diverse. The variation of influences and cultures across regions, bustling urban landscapes, and challenges of growth and development in this country make it a fascinating place to visit.

As India takes an increasingly influential role on the world stage, it is grappling with economic, social, and political issues that require creative solutions - and those solutions have a lot to teach us.

Possible Focus Areas:

Start-ups, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship

What can we learn from the innovative technologies being developed in India? How can we support local innovation or even develop our own world-changing technology?

  • Immerse yourself in the “Silicon Valley of India,” the garden city of Bangalore

  • Visit start-up hubs and meet with local entrepreneurs

  • Experiment with technological tools designed to help more people access the things they need - like health care, banks, and clean water

If you are an investment firm, business school group, or start-up team, we have also run programs looking at investment opportunities, market spaces, or entrepreneurship in India.

Global Warming & Sustainability

How can India, and the world, adapt to a changing climate?

  • Conduct a case study of one or two coastal cities under threat from rising sea levels

  • Meet with both local and international organizations working on sustainability issues

  • Learn about key components of sustainable development, including renewable energy and clean air initiatives

  • Visit diverse regions of the country battling environmental destruction and habitat loss

  • Explore future water issues and livability by visiting cities on the brink of running out of water

Public Health & Medicine

What can we learn from India about how to increase access to, and quality of, medical care?

  • Speak with local experts about “Modicare” - India’s new initiative to provide free public health care

  • Visit telemedicine clinics and private medical facilities

  • Meet nonprofits working to provide more widespread care and prevent disease

  • Research or develop your own healthcare innovations

Cities & Urban Issues

How can India support its growing mega-cities and expanding population?

  • Analyze the various forms of infrastructure and transportation that make major cities run

  • Investigate urbanization in neighborhoods at different stages of growth, from downtown hubs to suburban residential areas

  • Think critically about informal urbanization (and innovation) in slum areas around the country

Culture & Politics

This focus area encompasses a wide range of sub-topics we could explore:

  • Religion: In the birthplace of four major world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism), how do Indian people practice their faith, and what role does religion play in Indian society?

  • Modern History and International Relations: How is India still grappling with its colonial past? What are the lasting legacies of world-renowned activists like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa? What is the state of India’s relationship with Pakistan?

  • International Business and Economics: How are we connected to India through the purchases we make? Does ethical consumerism make a difference? What are the impacts of foreign investment and outsourcing in India?

  • Human Rights: How are grassroots movements, national policymakers, and international actors working to ensure a standard of equal rights for all people in India?

  • Women’s Empowerment: What are the challenges, successes, and unintended consequences of the push for women’s equality in India?