University Travel, Middle School, & High School Programs in Greece

What can 7,000 years of history teach us about culture, politics, and human nature?

Birthplace of democracy. Land of mythology. In the Western world, we associate Greece with the philosophies and the legends that have shaped our modern society. But the lessons we can learn from the country’s complex history are even more nuanced than we frequently imagine. Greece is a crossroads of ideas, cultures, and conflicts that draw from centuries of human development and international influence. On a high school trip to Greece or a college faculty led program, we will learn about Greek civilizations across time, from B.C. to present day, and ultimately see how Greece tells a timeless story of the human experience.

Possible Focus Areas:

Greece is full of opportunities to learn about a myriad of subjects! We believe that a strong program focus can push students to be more intentional in their travel. Any one trip will likely include elements of all these topics and more, but the following are some suggestions for thematic activities and central questions:

Art, Architecture, & Archaeology

What do ancient artifacts tell us about past civilizations and our current society?

  • Participate in a dig with a trained archaeologist

  • Set foot in ancient sites like the Athens Agora and the Theatre of Epidaurus

  • Learn about the current debate about who owns the historical artifacts of the Acropolis

Sustainability and Adaptation

What can we learn from ancient and modern Greece about how civilizations adapt to environmental, political, and social challenges?

  • Visit farms that produce Greek staples like olives, honey, and cheese (and taste the results)

  • Play with hands-on exhibits in a renewable energy workshop

  • Walk the grounds of the earliest city, Knossos, to learn about ancient techniques in sustainable design

The Refugee Crisis and Global Migration

How does migration affect communities, both receiving and arriving?

  • Fly to the island of Lesvos, the first port of entry for most refugees

  • Meet with aid organizations and refugees fleeing conflict in Africa and the Middle East

  • Speak with local business owners to hear how the crisis has changed the island

The EU, Entrepreneurship and the Financial Crisis

How are international politics and economic issues affecting life in Greece?

  • Visit the heart of modern Greek government in Athens at Syntagma Square

  • Survey small business owners to learn about the current state of the economy

  • Participate in a street art walking workshop to get a sense for the community response to political issues

Myths, Stories, & Historical Narratives

  • View ancient temples and ruins to learn why key mythological figures are represented in specific ways

  • Visit the ruins of the Minoan kingdom to find the truth behind the myth of the Minotaur

  • Consider the way history is conveyed and how that reflects the values of the dominant culture and government

Cultural Exchange

  • Take a traditional cooking class

  • Meet with Greek students in a local school to learn about their lives, culture, and language

  • See a live show demonstrating traditional Greek music and dance

Sample Greece Travel Programs: