Educational Travel Programs in the Balkans

Atlas Workshops in the Former Yugoslavia

In the 1990s, the break-up of Yugoslavia ushered in a complex period of transition for Europe and the world. From a period of war to a sequence of peace-building, the recent history of the Balkans offers important lessons and ideas to share with us all. Going back even further, the entire region opens up questions about how history, religion, politics, and power have shaped our lives throughout history and today.

We love spending time in the Balkans and find that no other region in Europe makes us this curious about history, nationalism, politics, and economics, and how they all mix together. We have found that the region has the same impact on students and travelers of all ages.

While Croatia and Dalmatia can provide an incredible gateway to the region with some amazing landscapes and coastline, moving into Bosnia and Herzegovina enables sophisticated conversations about peace, violence, ethics, and identity. The smaller nations of North Macedonia and Montenegro open up additional questions about shifting national identity and wider geo-political struggles. Visiting Serbia can add a layer of complexity to the stories of the war, while Belgrade makes for an incredible exploration of urban and architectural issues in this post-socialist capital on the shores of the Danube.

Our programs in the region have touched on economic development, narratives and history, social entrepreneurship, and contemporary political issues. Explore some of our sample programs in the region, or get in touch about adapting or designing your own program in the Balkans.