The Middle East After Oil

The Middle East After Oil

Dubai & Oman


Trip Themes

Political History, National Identity, Future of Nation States, Religion, Interviewing, Field Research

Cities Visited

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & Muscat

Past Trip

How can the Arabian gulf build economies that aren’t based on fossil fuels?

The Middle East is in transition. After a recent trip in the region, we are developing a new program in the Arab Gulf. Check back soon for more details.


Dubai, UAE

Check back soon for more details.

Muscat, Oman

Check back soon for more details.



This program can be adapted in a lot of ways for your group both in terms of the age and content level or in terms of the geography and countries we visit in the Arab Gulf.

We like to include Oman when possible as it is the country in the region with some of the most accessible local culture and history. In Oman it is easy to visit ancient forts, have lunch cooked in a small restaurant, and see how Omani art and architecture has evolved over time.

Adding more time in the UAE or visiting Abu Dhabi is a great modification of the program. Alternatively a shorter trip could be limited to only Dubai or the UAE. We also have previously run parts of this program in connection as the start of a program that continued in Doha, Qatar.

We can also pick different Gulf states to explore, such as Bahrain or Kuwait to explore different contrasts or challenges across the region.

The Arab Gulf With Students

The UAE and Oman are incredible safe for travelers from all over the globe and this program can be a great opportunity for an Arabic language program, middle east history or politics to explore contemporary issues on a trip. For a group interested in technology or business the region is an excellent place to explore rapid development and innovation in the real world.

The Arab Gulf for Investors & Businesses

A variation of this program is an excellent introduction or investigation of the Arab Gulf for business, investors, or groups to deepen their understanding of the market and challenges in the Arab Gulf region. While it is can be easy to visit some of the top sights or meet with regional offices, creating opportunities in the region successful comes from a deeper connection to the history and culture -- and so our programs are designed to explore the multi-faceted nature of the Arab gulf.

Custom Groups or Individual Trips to the Region

If you are a small group, family or even a solo-traveler looking to join a group, we can adapt this itinerary to suit your needs, and hope to organize a small open group trip to the region as well.