Cyber Futures

Cyber Futures

Estonia & Finland

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Trip Themes

Technology, Design, Cold-War, Politics, Futurism, Cyber Security, Digital culture

Cities Visited

Helsinki and Tallinn 

How is digital technology reshaping modern society?

Finland and Estonia are some of the most digitized countries in the world. Finland, invests in R+D at a national level while Estonia is pioneering e-residency, a new program to become a citizen without ever setting foot in the country. Both nations are thinking about how everything from fake news, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies will impact their citizens as the world becomes more and more digital. As these Baltic countries are pioneers of our changing cyber world, we will explore what the future in digital holds, and how these countries are shaping it.


Helsinki, Finland

We will begin our trip in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Here we will meet with local technology companies, like Nokia, which helped shape our digital era. We will learn about current government initiatives to combat cyber attacks globally and propaganda locally over a fresh lunch on the market square. We will also meet local students and visit the contemporary art museum to get a taste of Finnish culture today.

Tallinn, Estonia

We will cross the Baltic Sea by ferry to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We will explore the old and new districts of the city, and visit the historic walls and old city of Tallinn. We will learn about the government’s e-citizenship program, and meet with local technical experts in the new Teleskivi creative city to understand the country’s vision to become the most digital country on earth. Here in Tallinn we will work at a local co-working space on our own projects to define our changing cyber planet.



We are happy to explore these themes in other parts of the world. We are currently thinking about a cryptocurrency and bitcoin trip to Berlin and Prague.