Small-Scale Economics

Small-Scale Economics

Sydney & Melbourne

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Trip Themes

Econmics, Design, Food, Sustainability, Coffee, Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Growth

Cities Visited

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Does Australia have the world's most local economy?

Australia is the most isolated continent in the world. The populations are centered along the coast, mostly in large cities, leaving the vast center of the country uninhabited. The result is one of the world’s most local economies. 
Though in some ways, Australia is a lot like the US culturally,global brands like Starbucks and Amazon have struggled to serve the local taste and many have closed or even left the country. The large scale business models that drive growth in the US economy just can’t grow in this island nation. This leaves space for local entrepreneurs to innovate and grow their businesses, crafts, cafes and ideas. Meanwhile, the internet has expanded other outlets for global information based business.
This trip will be an exploration of the local innovators of Australia from historical indigenous communities to modern local food movements in the country, we will immerse ourselves in modern Australia's unique business culture. From the alleyways of Melbourne to the beachfront cafes of Sydney we will explore what it takes to start, grow, and innovate a new business. 


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Variations & Project:

This trip will look dramatically different depending on who we organize it for. If you are a group of american business owners, coffee connoisseurs or designers we can focus the trip on everything from interior design to small business research. We can visit some of the coolest cafes in the country, meet with local roasters, hang out with designers and entrepreneurs.

Alternatively if this trip is for a group of business students at a university or grad level, the trip can be structured around a question of growth as the be all end all of the modern economy. We can also work towards some different types of project or learning outcomes.

For city leaders we can look at the urban make-up of different neighborhoods in both cities and even think about how to foster this sort of creative energy in your own city or development in the US.

Finally, as a high school trip, we can sue the trip as a catalyst for students to start their own business ideas and we can set up shop in Sydney or Melbourne and run our own little incubator for a few days of the trip while we continue to get mentorship and feedback and explore the cities.