The Birth of Business

The Birth of Business



Trip Themes

Political History, National Identity, Future of Business, Entrepreneurship, Architecture and Design

Cities Visited

Rome, Naples, Bologna, Florence

How has Italy shaped capitalism as we know it?

Italy has frequently redefined its place in the global order. From Ancient Rome to Renaissance Florence, Italian cities have been at the forefront of the global economy. Through the different eras, Italy, its sub-states, and cities, have been inventive centers of industry, ideas and trade. As Italy grapples with its place in the modern economy, what can we learn about the history of our planet and lifestyles?

Sample Itinerary

Rome & Naples

Starting in Rome, we will explore the ancient and renaissance cities that overlap. We will enjoy fresh gelato on the Spanish Steps and imagine life and trade in the ancient Roman city. We will explore the narrow streets in our neighborhood and get a taste for life in Rome, while we consider the role of local food movements and family run businesses. We will take a short trip down to Pompeii to explore the famous archeological site, stay in a farm, and connect with archaeologists, to consider the functionality of a preserved city of the past.

Florence and Bologna

We will then travel North to Florence and learn about another era of economic growth in the country. We will take some time to explore smaller towns, and local industry around Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, and investigate the preserved tradition in a variety of world famous products still in use today (and of course try some incredible foods ourselves!). At the end of our time in Italy, we will have a deep understanding of the origins of our modern economies, and new ideas about where our economy can go.


Trip Variations: 

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