New Skills & Educator Opportunities

Learn how Atlas Workshops learns from the world. We use our place-based learning style and experience with design thinking, trip leadership, and social entrepreneurship to offer some unique professional development opportunities. Check back here for announcements about future open professional development programs too.

We can of course adapt any of our trips or programs into short or longer professional development experiences either in your home community or on a global trip. Want to plan a custom program?

Current Educator Opportunities:

Educator Open Professional Development Experiences

For our partner schools and other educators we are launching a handful of open educator-only weekend programs for the 2018-19 school year. 

Europe Trip Leader Field Training 2018

Where: Paris, France
What: One Day of Scouting Workshops, Weekend of Trip Leader Field-Training
Dates: October 18th (Thursday - Scouting Day) - October 21, 2018
Estimated Program Cost: $500 (Excluding Airfare)

This fall we wanted to try something different. We have some scouting trips planned in a number of our favorite cities, but thought we would open it up to a small group of partner schools and teachers. So, we decided we would run the trip in 2 parts. The first 24 hours will be a chance to join us on part of a real-world scouting trip in the destination city. We will start the trip with about 24 hours of an "open" scouting trip (Thursday Mid-Morning to Friday Mid-Day) visiting hotels, friends, and neighborhoods and in general just thinking about how to plan an awesome trip. 

Then, we will switch gears to run a field-based leader training in the same city. The leader training will be great for first time leaders, new partners, or even experts who want to think about improving their own leader training and policies too.

Professional Development Outcomes:

  • Better Practices and Ideas for Scouting Trips
  • More confident Trip Leaders
  • Strong Trip-Leadership Skills and Field-Based Experience
  • Familiarity with the Destination City
  • Confidence with Place-Based Learning Approaches

CDMX Sprint 2019

Where: Mexico City
What: Weekend Design Sprint 2019
Dates: February 15th-18th (President’s Day Weekend) 2019
Estimated Program Cost:  $600 (Excluding Airfare)

This spring we will be sharing our passion for design and inspirations from the informal economy (check out our partner design firm: Groupshot). The design sprint weekend will be a field-based design research and brainstorming trip. This year, we will focus on what the US can learn from Mexico City’s informal economy. (With special attention to Taco Vendors of Course). 
Our team of educators will think about how field research, anthropology, and empathy can inspire innovation in Mexico and abroad. Expect some real-world design research, ethnography, and brainstorming with friends and experts. Oh, and did we mention lots of tacos?

Professional Development Outcomes:

  • Experience with real-world design thinking
  • Exposure to complex economic issues in Mexico City and globally
  • Professional connections with other design experts and educators
  • New curriculum ideas and approaches for design thinking and project work
  • Design Case studies and materials for your classroom
  • Design Teamwork Experience with like-minded leaders and experts

Copenhagen by Design 2019 - TBC

Dates to be Announced

Who wants to learn about Urban Design in one of the world’s greatest design capitals. More details are coming soon!


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