Paris Educator Weekend Trip 2018

DATES: OCtober 18th - 21st (Thursday - Scouting Day)

Where: Paris, France
What: One Day of Scouting Workshops, Weekend of Trip Leader Field-Training
Approx. Program Cost: (Excluding Airfare: $500)

Background: This fall we wanted to try something different. We have some scouting trips planned in a number of our favorite cities, but thought we would open it up to a small group of partner schools and teachers. So, we decided we would run the trip in 2 parts. The first 24 hours will be a chance to join us on part of a real-world scouting trip in the destination city. We will start the trip with about 24 hours of an "open" scouting trip (Thursday Mid-Morning to Friday Mid-Day) visiting hotels, friends, and neighborhoods and in general just thinking about how to plan an awesome trip. 

Then, we will switch gears to run a field-based leader training in the same city. The leader training will be great for first time leaders, new partners, or even experts who want to think about improving their own leader training and policies too. We know many of you run your own leader training and have joined other trainings before. We imagine this to be a lot different--and more like the way we train our field staff. We won't spend one second in a classroom, and will be focusing on the topics the group agrees are the most interesting and relevant. We will save the desktop scenarios for the desk -- every situation we will discuss will be based on the location of the group. For the 2 days with the group on the training we will be running real-world scenarios and talking through issues based on our own trip and current location.

Group Size, Experience, & Curriculum:

We are expecting a small group on this trip and a somewhat informal program. We will narrow the list of curriculum goals once we know who is signed up to join the trip. We imagine a mix of old friends who are looking to improve their own scouting capacity and program design and a few newer leaders who haven't had much experience with students in the field. We expect a portion of travelers are looking to learn a bit about how to lead trips with Atlas Workshops on programs this spring (or in our style), and we will cover this too.

The trip will be entirely place-based. We will have some planned discussions and meetings, but many of our spaces will be impromptu (cafes, hotel lobby's, lunches and more). We will have our scheduled list of discussions and topics to covered and a majority of field based experiences to practice and experiment that could include topics like any (or all) of the following:

  • Managing Groups and Navigating Public Transit (Especially in Europe)

  • Navigating Diversity in Public

  • Arranging Last Minute Lunch for a Group

  • Food Allergies at Restaurants

  • Fire Drills in European Hotels

  • When and where is Uber OK?

  • Losing a Student on the Champs Elysee (or really anywhere)

  • Responding and Preparing for Terrorism in Urban Areas

  • Petty Theft and Pickpockets

  • Are Malls safe & worth visiting?

  • What it's like to call for emergency help in the field

  • Picnics in the Rain (and other weather challenges)

  • Airport Check-In Tips for a Big Group

  • Coordinating with students who don't have phones

  • Coordinating with students who do have phones

  • Is this sidewalk wide enough?

Expected Schedule:

THURSDAY October 18th: Scouting Day
Group Meets in the morning at Group Hotel (We expect some travelers might come straight from the airport).

The day will be partially based on who is coming. We will plan to visit a handful of hotels to do site assessments and scoring. We will visit a few restaurants and scout one for lunch. We will then plan a short walking route or tour, meet with an organization, or find the best bakery in the city. If you are interested in the scouting portion of the trip, please write to us so we can discuss this in more detail as we imagine this will be a very small group so we will fine tune the schedule to everyone's specific needs.

FRIDAY October 19th: Scouting Morning/ Training Day 1
Scouting Group Continues in the Morning / Training Group Meets at Hotel Late Morning

In the early morning we will have a little bit of time to finish the scouting portion of the trip before the rest of the group meets up at the group hotel. Once the group is assembled we will have a quick "in-country orientation" and then head out for our first chunk of training time. We will return to our neighborhood for dinner, so anyone who needs to retreat earlier in the evening can do so. After dinner we will have a sample evening closing and prep for the next day before an optional evening program or meetup planned.

SATURDAY October 20th: Training Day 2
Full Day Out and a Team Dinner

Today will start around 9am. We will make sure everyone is properly backs and then the group will head out. We will be away from the hotel ALL DAY and won't expect to be nearby. We will pass by some major sights but won't be going deep inside of any museums, climbing any Eiffel towers, or waiting in any long lines. . . unless it's part of the lessons we want to cover. 

Instead we will definitely have people take turns navigating on the subway, we will brainstorm in a favorite rooftop cafe with incredible views, we will find some places that no one in the group has ever been to before, we will eat some incredible pastry, and we will deal with some sort of mix-ups too. This will all happen rain or shine. At the end of the night we will have a an incredible trendy French dinner as a group before optional evening activities.

SUNDAY October 21st: Training Day 3
Training Morning and Program Conclusion

Today we will have some time in the morning for one last adventure and topic (or two). We imagine people will have flights home starting in the late morning through the early afternoon so will accommodate schedules accordingly. The group may travel to a Paris airport (a place that actually has almost every challenge on the list) for the final portion of the program so people can easily leave as they need to. Our team lead will stay in the city overnight and so if you stay later we can continue the program until about 4 or 5pm for any late leavers.

Team Lead

The team lead on this weekend training program will be Adam White, founder of Atlas Workshops. In addition to spending months in France, Adam has personally led over 40 different trips with hundreds of American students, many of them in Europe. He has navigated subways, found unusual places to eat, dealt with picky eaters, refilled water bottles, ranked the best cup of coffee, or navigated tricky political discussions with taxi drivers in over 85 countries and every country in Europe.

Program Fee and ACCOMMODATION Information:

The program fee is all inclusive and will cover hotel accommodation in shared twin rooms or single rooms upon request. Your final program fee will depend on when you are joining the group and if you request a single room. The base fee for the training program including 2 nights in a shared room at a great (school group friendly) hotel is $500. This price also includes all meals on the program including an upscale dinner, soft drinks, public transport, public airport transfers, and all programming. To add the scouting day will be an additional $180 and to request a single room will cost an additional $200.

Just like all of our Atlas Workshops programs this price is truly all inclusive so you won't need to add any extra money for gratuities, activities or surprises. Your only extra expenses will be your flight, personal expenses and extra snacks, croissants, or drinks, 

Current round-trip airfare to Paris from NYC is under 400 or 500 dollars for direct flights on low cost carriers.

Registration and Flights

To register for the Paris Weekend Field Training please complete the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your spot, send an invoice, and discuss flight arrangements. We are happy to assist with booking flights or can review your itinerary before you book it to coordinate meeting plans and scheduling. 

Registration will remain open until September 25th at which point we cannot guarantee the price or availability of the group hotel. If you have any questions, please contact

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