Faculty-Led Programs for MPA Travel

International travel can empower MPA Students with inspirations from around the world and a global perspective. As we look at public systems at home and abroad, the comparisons, lifestyles, and systems in place can help MPA students to be innovative problem-solvers and critical thinkers. MPA travel programs, developed in partnership with university staff and faculty, can be the perfect component or capstone for a Masters in Public Administration.

Atlas Workshops develops custom faculty-led programs, field courses, with universities to bring students into the world. When developing a travel program for an MPA group we can set-up the field course as a regional exploration or immersion into a particular theme or issue or as a project-based exploration or capstone for the group.

Of course many MPA related themes can be integrated with other departments or interest, or even adapted to an entirely different course of study.

MPA Travel Program Themes:

  • Styles of Governance

  • Criminal Justice

  • Sustainability and Policy

  • City-Level Urban Issues

Explore some of our programs that can be easily adapted to MPA faculty led travel programs or check out our longer list of program inspirations here: