Run a trip as a Global Design Studio

Many of our existing or custom-developed school programs can be run as a Global Design Studio. Global Design Studio (GDS) programs are trips that are predominantly driven by an open-ended design project. These are creative and complex real-world design challenges that might lead to a business idea, a publication, or a service project. These trips are usually slower paced and often involve a home-base, workspace, and dynamic itineraries that allow the project work to dictate the way the trip evolves.

GDS programs are driven by the design challenge and on the ground research experiences. We can brainstorm with our partner school about the ideal location, themes, language, complexity, and outcomes of a GDS.  We can also integrate elements from a GDS program into a more traditional travel experience too.

A GDS is great culminations (or a launch) to an on-campus engineering, design, entrepreneurship, or social impact course or an opportunity to introduce design-thinking into your curriculum in a different way.

Past GDS programs have explored topics like refugee integration in Scandinavia, new bicycle technology for American cities, or medical technology in India.