Custom Trips

We are happy to discuss your ideas about topics and places, and how we can bring them to life.

Each trip is framed by a question or problem. Over the duration of the trip, our goal is to seek answers and craft an idea. Projects might include new software or product designs, books or web publications, business plans or strategies, social media campaigns or photo exhibits. Each trip demands a unique project that has the potential to impact communities near and far.

Regardless of the outcome, the shared energy and focus of the trip helps travelers develop global relationships and a deep understanding of the topic and skills of the program. Our trips encourage travelers to ask new questions as they develop ideas, global curiosity, and a creative approach to international problem solving.


High School Partnerships

Atlas Workshops partners with schools to develop project-driven field programs at home and abroad that foster curiosity, design thinking, and a global mindset, and align with curricular goals. We can help a faculty member bring their new trip idea to life or share some of our current inspirations.

We’ve led innovative programs in partnership with incredible schools around the globe — and are continuing to develop new ideas for custom programs. We work to align with your school and share our experience on everything from place-based learning to risk management.


University Level Programs

We can work with you to develop a custom faculty-led program, research trip, organization workshop or more for universities. In partnership with a university, department, grad school, we can co-develop a field course to align with your programs’ objectives and requirements. We’ll bring our expertise as travelers, researchers, designers, and leaders to help your program run smoothly and move beyond the typical tour.


Research Workshops and Training

We can partner with organizations, non-profits, and businesses to develop a custom idea trip. Starting with an idea of skills, places, themes, or people, we can develop and lead a custom trip. The program could be the catalyst for a new product or project, teach new creative and research skills, round out team strengths through a real-world collaboration, or develop a deeper content area understanding.

Like all of our programs, our custom workshops and trainings pull from our network and experience as global designers and researchers to inspire new ideas.

A Few Past Custom Programs:


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