Learning Programs in Croatia

The EU’s Newest Member and the New Hot Spot in Europe

Croatia is quickly emerging as a top tourist destination in Europe. The incredible coastline, fresh food, numerous islands, and complex history make the region an unforgettable place the visit. Now over 25 years after the breakup of Yugoslavia, Croatia is grappling with a new wave of challenges. As the country works to solidify its identity, build a stable economy, reconcile political divisions, and play a larger role in the world, the learning opportunities in Croatia and the wider Balkan region are profound.

The Atlas Workshops team has been exploring Croatia for nearly a decade. On our travels and work in the region we have met incredible people around the country: from bankers and politicians in Zagreb to farmers and Jewelry markers along the Adriatic. We have worked with local tourism offices and startup hubs to tackle questions of economic growth. We have enjoyed meals from local families and the hottest chefs. We have made a home in local islands and coastal cities. We can’t wait to share this amazing country (and some of our hidden favorite spots) with you on a trip to Croatia or across the former Yugoslavia.

Sample Croatia Travel Programs: