Scandinavia 2016: Day 1, Hej Malmo!

In 2016 we are leading 4 high school summer trips. You can read all about our Global Innovators trips or get in touch to ask us any questions about the programs. Our 2016 Scandinavia trip “Getting Americans on the Bicycle” focuses on innovation, start-ups and community in cities around the world. During the trip, students take turns writing a daily blog post to describe their project process and exploration, follow along here. Greetings from the land of the midnight sun! We arrived to start our trip today in Malmo and got started straight away exploring the city on foot. After lunch we explored the carbon neutral district of Vastra Hamnen by bus and on foot. We are off to a very lucky start with the weather and the coastal edge of Vastra Hamnen was full of locals swimming in the Oresund Straight.

We took a bit of time already to start brainstorming some thoughts about our topic by reading more about which American cities do the best and worst job encouraging cycling as well as by reading a bit more about how Malmo has managed to encourage cycling so successfully. Tomorrow we are headed for a full day of getting to know some members of the Malmo cycling community who can help us expand on our initial ideas.

More updates from our students to follow in the days to come, stay tuned!