Red Sox tonight, India tomorrow

What do you do the day before you travel? How do you prepare to switch worlds – whether for the short or long term? I’m leading a group to India tomorrow evening. Early this morning I was calling contacts in India, reconfirming our bookings and arranged meetings with schools. I’ll spend some more time packing, but then I’ll have an early dinner on my deck before heading down for the baseball game.

Several times when I have had an overnight flight, I’ve found myself at the mall the morning before I left, finalizing some last minute gift shopping—and wondering, how many other people in this ENTIRE mall are also flying to Uganda tonight?

My favorite moment of travel happens before you get anywhere cool, long before you’re taking photos or eating amazing new foods or getting hopelessly lost. It’s the second when you step out your door with just your suitcase or backpack, your air ticket and your passport—and everything ahead of you is open possibility. There’s nothing else to prepare for, no more packing or double-checking. It’s just you, and your journey ahead of you.

And the night before? I love celebrating my life here before I turn it upside down and try on someplace new for a change. You never know: this upcoming trip could change your perspective so much that you’ll never see the world the same way. You have no idea who you might meet, what you might learn, what stories and treasures you’ll lug home.

A procession in Madurai.

A procession in Madurai.

Tomorrow I’ll be leading an exceptional group of students to South India for our South India: Education for All workshop. Adam and I have planned an incredible itinerary. We’ll have the opportunity to explore five different locations in South India, visiting different schools and working closely with Indian students. We’ll be sure to share our trip through the Atlas Workshops blog, In Transit (and we’ll post photos on facebook andinstagram).

Tomorrow, we begin the trip of the summer. Tonight, you’ll find me at Fenway, wondering, how many other people here are lucky enough to be flying to India tomorrow?

– Jenny