Korcula’s Island Economy – High School Summer Trip 2015

Welcome to our trip blog! Tomorrow we are off to Croatia. Through our two-week high school trip, we will investigate the shifting economy in Croatia while we work closely with friends and colleagues in the country. We will specifically focus on the island of Korcula as we work to explore ways that this island can develop without neglecting its culture and past. From learning about sustainable tourism, AirBnB, ecotourism, islands, TripAdviser, souvenir shops, seasonal work and other ideas we will develop some new strategies for the island. Along the way our our students will be focusing their research and design skills. You can follow along on our trip using this blog via this tag: https://www.atlasworkshops.com/tag/korcula-2015

We will be sharing field notes, trip details, photos and stories — so keep up with us here.

Next stop Split!