Korcula’s Island Economy, Day 5: A little rain can’t stop us

Today was full of a wide variety of events, mostly determined by our first day of torrential rain here in Croatia, which was definitely a sight to be reckoned with. Before the rain, we had breakfast on the terrace of the boys’ apartment, and the view was a bizarre mix of reddish-orange roofs and a dark, stormy sky. After breakfast, we quickly got to work and began interviewing different locals who owned various shops in order to understand their view on tourists and their respective businesses, and we also got the chance to ask a tourist from the United States about how she feels about the atmosphere in Korcula and what she likes about the city.

After a rather informative morning, we met up with Adam, Marli, and John to begin our trek to a cafe up on a hill in the spotty rain. At the cafe, we broke into groups and began another challenge, this time in the supermarket. We had a list of things we needed to find, and when we returned to our table in the cafe, Marli, Adam, and John judged our presentation on the items we chose for each topic. I regret to say that Sabrina and I tied with Brennan and Antonio for second, with Louie and Devon in first place. For lunch, we had a few delicious pizzas (yes, very Croatian) then made our way over to a cathedral on top of a hill.

When we got to the hill, we were faced with a previously unknown obstacle in the form of intimidating stairs. Only Adam, Marli, Devon, Brennan, I and eventually Louie braved. And when Adam said he’d buy gelato for the people who went up, Sabrina and Antonio were quick to scale the stairs in order to be included on that list.

Once we got back into town, we all went our separate ways. Devon and I went with Marli to one of our favorite cafes to try and figure out our interview questions, Antonio and Louie went to hang out in their room, and Brennan, Sabrina, and Adam all decided to brave the elements and went for a swim in the drizzle.

We reconvened at 7 for a lively dinner followed by gelato and card-playing. And that pretty much concludes our second full day in Korcula. :)