Cities That Move – Day 6: Design in Goteborg!

Today was our last full day in Gothenburg, and everyone made sure to make it count. After a groggy morning (because of a showing of Jurassic World movie the night before), we headed off to play a design game of “I Spy..”. This version of the childhood game was slightly different. In short, it involved students taking photos of different ideas. We all took photos while we explored the suburb Eriksberg. Some features of Eriksberg that made it stand out were a large crane, modern apartments and the nice environment just aside the river. The game continued when we arrived (by ferry) back in the main part of the city. Just after a delicious lunch in the city we convened in the (free!) botanical gardens to share our photos and vote on who had the best image for each category. Owen’s .. unique .. photos caused many laughs, but in the end Richard and Tommy tied for the winning prize which was a surprise. I really enjoyed this game and was able to appreciate more of the city. The fabulous surprise of the day was a visit to a cute chocolate shop in the city, where we stocked up on candy before our afternoon brainstorm workshop.

The workshop was very productive and inspirational. Briefly, each student wrote down inspirations and key points that we have noticed from the trip and stuck them on stickies on a whiteboard. Once this was completed we organized the stickies into broad groups, slightly more specific groups, and super specific categories–the foundation of our projects. The process was not easy, but we felt very accomplished after doing so. Then it was time to head out for a quick dinner at the mall.

Afterwards, the group headed out to a castle-like tower overlooking the entire city. It was beautiful, magnificent, breath-taking and incredible. With the sun setting over the city, it was a spectacular last night in Sweden’s second largest city. We had our evening recap in the waning moments of daylight, and stopped for yummy crepes on our way back. Of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without stopping at some type of playground, or in this case egg-shaped sculpture. Josh refused to go back to the hotel without stopping at “The Egg” (we passed it the day before on our tour, but couldn’t stop). The whole group piled in (possibly scared a few younger kids away) and played inside for 20 minutes. The day wasn’t over for most of us though…

Many of us were dreading coming home out of shape so we made a stop at the tiny hotel gym at 11 pm. Let’s just say five people, a treadmill, elliptical, bike, weights and bench don’t fit well in a small bedroom. We were able to persevere through the less than ideal conditions and got in a good workout (although Richard and I couldn’t figure out how to run the correct amount because the treadmill only used kilometers). Midnight rolled around and everyone was ready for a great night’s sleep and an earlier morning the next day. Goodnight, off to Malmo tomorrow!!