Cities That Move – Day 4: Farewell Stockholm

Today was our last full day in Stockholm. We bought souvenirs, got confused by an art museum, became children again, and had dinner on a boat. On this concluding day we had the entire morning open, to do what we wanted, like buy souvenirs. For some of us, a few of these some of the souvenirs had an abundance of vikings and moose.

After out our old city shopping adventure we traveled to the Stockholm suburb of Tensta. Unfortunately our local guide (Adam’s friend Ahmed) had an emergency and wasn’t able to join us. but this meant that we could explore the area our selves. We first visited the Tentsa Khorsall (an art museum). It was totally unexpected. their main exhibit was called LTTR. It later became the most common huh moment at the group meeting. The other exhbiti, the Tensta Museum provided context to the area and told us a story about diversity in the city.

Next stop: the coolest playground that I have ever seen. It had a spider web of rope all around and to get to the slide, you had to navigate the web. There were also multiple games as well as an obstacle course, a unique swing, and a trampoline. On the web, Owen became Spider-man. Josh, Tommy, Juliana, and I experienced how to row a boat on a balancing platform. And Casey and Richard found the bounciest in-ground trampoline they had ever been on. We eventually came together and ran an obstacle course race. Richard won, with a time of 12.99 seconds.

Finally it was time to leave. We headed back to the hotel to get dressed up for our dinner on the boat. The most interesting shirt worn at finner was definitely Josh’s Hawaiian shirt. From this boat we saw Stockholm (and Katarina Church–that was cursed to burn down twice and did), passing ships (sail and motor), a bridge under construction, a castle, and the beauty of the archipelago.

I couldn’t have asked for a better last day in Stockholm.