Cities that Move – Day 1: Stockholm – The “huh” Moments

Sometimes it’s hard to know how a day on a trip has gone until the end of it. At the end of each day, we have a quick feedback session – sometimes at dinner, sometimes after – where we all reflect on how the day has been. It’s sort of like highs/lows but instead we discuss something that went well, something that was unexpected, and something that made us think, “huh!?”. Surprising reactions frequently come out of these feedback rounds – as a leader I’ll frequently think I can gauge or guess what people will say, but often I’m proved wrong. At a time during the day when I’ve assumed the students were feeling tired or bored is the moment when they are actually just quietly absorbing what’s around them. The “huh” moments are particularly fascinating as they are usually unique to each person, based on his or her previous experience and expectations.

At the end of this, the first day of the trip, I can already tell it will be incredibly thought-provoking. Almost everyone on the trip changed their “huh” moment at least once. Among those were: seeing a live cover band playing American songs while retirees danced, discovering weird statues in unexpected places, almost getting our first Fika stolen away by some very brave urban pigeons, and squeezing through the narrowest street in Stockholm.