Australia Day 8: Our Day in Sydney

January 2016, Atlas Workshops partnered with Mill Springs Academy to lead the Life and Land Australia trip, a custom school trip for students from Mill Springs to explore the intersection of environmental issues, conservation, and lifestyles in Australia. The diverse group of 11 students came from different years and background to collaborate on this for-credit field course and project. These are daily updates from different student travelers. IMG_9326 IMG_9349 IMG_9379 IMG_9386

Our last full day in Australia was in Sydney. We spent our morning with a local guide named Sophie. We toured around the The Rocks with her to learn about the history of Australia and the connections back home. We also had a chance to visit the famous Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Around noon the whole group made our way over to the Sydney Foodie Market. Each of us tried different local food. There was one group (me, Cole, and Peter) that got sushi, while others like Joey, Jacobi, and Elli, got fish and chips, burgers, and hot dogs. The others got kangaroo!

After lunch we all started heading to a ferry where it took us around the harbour bridge and opera house. Then we had a chance to relax or go shopping. At 4 we all got onto a local train, and connected to a bus to Bronte beach. From there we took the seaside trail along the cliffs to the famous Bondi beach. We all enjoyed the walk even though it was windy. We  laughed a lot. At the end of the walk, we headed down to the Sand on Bondi. The rain meant our Pizza party on the beach was cancelled so our dinner was at The Traditional Chip shop.

We met Adam’s friend, Anna, at dinner. She was really nice. She asked us questions about our trip and we all asked her questions about her life and job in Sydney and Australia.  After dinner Anna, taught us how to properly eat Tim Tams (Australian cookies) by using it as a straw in milk. Lastly, we took a bus and train to the hotel and finished our night with a quick review for our flight home.