Australia Day 6: Cairns Zoo

January 2016, Atlas Workshops partnered with Mill Springs Academy to lead the Life and Land Australia trip, a custom school trip for students from Mill Springs to explore the intersection of environmental issues, conservation, and lifestyles in Australia. The diverse group of 11 students came from different years and background to collaborate on this for-credit field course and project. These are daily updates from different student travelers. IMG_9223 IMG_9225 2249 2270 2324IMG_9228 IMG_9231 IMG_9233 IMG_9235 IMG_9288 IMG_9297

On Wednesday the students started the day early, getting breakfast at the hotel before we all headed to our first activity. We took a bus to the tropical zoo in cairns, and had a blast! A few of us got a true Australian photo: holding a koala. The others stood and watched to see if I would start crying again (which did in fact happen a bit later on when I saw the baby koalas). We saw lots of interesting animals, including some adorable monkeys, and dingos.

What amazed me the most was the kangaroos, we went into the area freely and could pet, feed, and get selfies with them with no fences or barriers separating us. After the zoo we headed to lunch at the jamdrop cafe to grab some yummy sandwiches and burgers. When lunch was over we went back to the hotel to work on putting our book together. Once we finished our brainstorming session, we got some free time to swim or go to the market. Running back to the hotel with bags of souvenirs and random weird food items we found was a bit difficult but we all made it back in time to get dressed up nice for our last night in cairns.

While Adam gave us a few hints as to where the special dinner was, a few of us were definitely tricked when he pretended to dip into the walkways of different restaurants  but we eventually ended up at the Raw Prawn. We ended our days in cairns with an amazing dinner with the option to try BBQ kangaroo skewers (which were awesome).


We just got back from Cairns Zoo. Adam gave us free time to go out and explore the city of Cairns. People checked out markets and bought stuff for their family and friends back home in Georgia. Some people got nice dresses, clothes, souvenirs. Then we had to meet and be back at the hotel by6:50, but of course Jacobi thought it was 6:15 and went down earlier then expected. After dinner, Adam gave us the privilege to go out for a little walk into the town of Cairns by ourselves. The kids came back with a couple of donuts and they saved one for Adam who seemed to quite enjoy it. And that was an afternoon on are last day of Cairns.