Australia Day 4: Our Skyrail Adventure!

January 2016, Atlas Workshops partnered with Mill Springs Academy to lead the Life and Land Australia trip, a custom school trip for students from Mill Springs to explore the intersection of environmental issues, conservation, and lifestyles in Australia. The diverse group of 11 students came from different years and background to collaborate on this for-credit field course and project. These are daily updates from different student travelers. Today we visited  the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, where we flew through the rainforest in little cable cars (gondolas) that were like ski lifts in a bubble. When we first got there, we met the rangers and they took us to a small area where we planted trees and then talked through their presentation of the “Skyrail” as a sustainable business.

The trees we planted were Brown Oak, Yellow Walnut, Black Silky Oak, Pink Adler, Brown Tamerind, Red Tulip Oak, Darlingia Darlingiana, Beilschmiedia Bancroftii, Stenocarpus Reticulatus, Gillbeea Adenopetala, Castanospora Aphandnii, and Argyrodendron Peralatum.

After the presentation we all got into groups of three or four and got into the cable cars.  For each stop we made, our tour guide Jeremy, an Aboriginal Man from the local community, showed us different plants and leaves. Jeremy was really funny! After we finished walking through the rainforest we took a scenic train back to Cairns. The scenery from the train ride was pretty, but the train itself was very loud and squeaky on occasion.