Australia Day 3: Heading up to Cairns

January 2016: Atlas Workshops partnered with Mill Springs Academy to lead the Life and Land Australia trip, a custom school trip for students from Mill Springs to explore the intersection of environmental issues, conservation, and lifestyles in Australia. The diverse group of 11 students came from different years and background to collaborate on this for-credit field course and project. These are daily updates from different student travelers.

The last day in Melbourne we woke up at 6:30 and went to the airport. The flight was about 4 hours to Cairns in the North of Australia. We landed and I felt the heat–a big difference between Melbourne and Cairns immediately. We stopped by a food court and ate different types of Asian food. After eating we walked around and looked at the shops in Cairns. Then we swam at the lagoon–the public pool/beach, and played tag. For dinner we ate at Nandos and had peri peri chicken. Overall the day was awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing.