Australia Day 1: Exploring Melbourne

January 2016: Atlas Workshops partnered with Mill Springs Academy to lead the Life and Land Australia trip, a custom school trip for students from Mill Springs to explore the intersection of environmental issues, conservation, and lifestyles in Australia. The diverse group of 11 students came from different years and background to collaborate on this for-credit field course and project. These are daily updates from different student travelers. On the first full day in Melbourne, I learned through the experience of visiting a hub.  A hub is a community of co-workers, where all different kinds of people come together working on different subjects for either a business or self-employment.

The tour with Fiona was such a great experience.  If you come to Melbourne, I would definitely recommend this tour so you can see what I’ve have seen for myself.

The free tram makes it convenient to get around any place in the city of Melbourne, There are tons of fun activities and food markets all around. I would recommend them to anyone visiting as a tourist. We also visited a small part of the city where artists make graffiti and are supported by Melbourne.

Talk to you soon!