Announcing our High School Summer Trips: Global Innovators 2017

We’re excited to announce our Global Innovators: 2017 High School Summer Trips.

By participating in our Global Innovators trips, high school students develop their design thinking skills, work on real-world projects, and gain a global perspective. In 2017, we’re leading six Global Innovators trips on four continents mixing new ideas in social impact, design thinking, art, urban planning, policy, environmental impact, entrepreneurship, economics, interactive gaming and history. We’ll sail to the Dalmatian coast, swim on the Great Barrier Reef, and “surf” our way through India’s tech innovators.

To learn more about our 2017 Global Innovator trips, read below and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Session I: June 28/29 - July 11

Digital History: Dalmatia, Croatia

Embracing new technology to share ancient history

Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is stunning. As the world discovers these amazing islands and Adriatic towns, the past can be overlooked. Croatia’s dynamic history stretches from Ancient Rome to the Ottoman Empire. How can technology help visitors to Croatia connect with this history and develop a deeper understanding of the country?

Starting in Split and spending a week on a local island, we will design technology to bring history back into view. Drawing on inspiration from software like Pokemon Go and other augmented and virtual reality apps and games, we will design our own digital humanities technology for Croatia and beyond.

Whether you have a passion for Latin or Literature, STEM or Social Science, join an interdisciplinary team looking to change the way that we connect with the past.

A Generation of Entrepreneurs: India

Designing new educational systems to support global entrepreneurship

India’s startup scene is booming. More technologies are being developed by new businesses founded in India. But, coming up with a business idea, testing it, and building out the concept is hard work. In the US, support for young entrepreneurs is growing — with camps, extracurriculars and even business accelerators for teenagers. How can new educational systems support the next generation of young entrepreneurs?

We will base ourselves in Bangalore, the tech capital of India, and partner with local schools, co-working spaces, and educational non-profits working with some of the most-underserved kids in the country. As we work to understand these different groups, we will develop new entrepreneurship programs to support young founders and creative education.

Session II: July 11 - July 24

Cultivating Creativity: Berlin and Prague

Creating public art to inspire connection

Berlin and Prague are hubs for makers, innovators and artists. Public art, be it music or street art, builds connections between communities. From government-sanctioned graffiti walls designed to spark a conversation to modern sculptures and monuments, Berlin and Prague are the ideal place to kickstart an exploration of public art. We’ll explore the roots of the local creative movements and consider how we can make our cities home to impactful public art.

Starting in Berlin and ending in Prague, we’ll work with local artists and social innovators to learn about how the cities are becoming a center for expression and creativity. We will hang out with graffiti artists and technologists (students interested in STEM should come along too!) Pulling inspiration from the people we meet and sites we explore, students will design their own public art project to address an issue in a specific city around the world.

Watering the Desert: California

Drafting new policies to combat California’s drought

California is home to one of the richest farmlands in the country. It supplies America with 40% of our produce. Four years into a punishing drought, farmers are having to dig deeper and deeper for their wells to reach water. Not only are farmers and crops at risk, the Central Valley supplies California’s urban areas with almost all of their fresh water through a complex aqueduct system. What will happen to these growing urban areas if they can no longer access enough fresh water?

Our students have a chance to weigh-in with their own creative solutions. By visiting local farmers, water policy experts and meeting with the social innovators on the forefront of this issue, our students will explore the circumstances leading up to, and the consequences of, the water crisis. Students will meet with key political leaders to collaborate on policy creation and to strategize how to plan for future water sourcing.

Session III: July 24 - August 5/6

Preserving the Reef: Eastern Australia

Sustaining the Great Barrier Reef through Social Enterprises

The Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder. Off of Australia’s northeast coast, hundreds of miles of coral reefs are home to thousands of species of sea life, many unique to the locale. The reef plays a huge role in protecting and maintaining marine diversity as well as defending shorelines from flooding. As the climate changes and our oceans become warmer, parts of the Great Barrier Reef are dying off at an alarming rate.

Starting in Melbourne, spending a few days at the Reef, and then basing ourselves in Sydney, we will work to understand which biological/natural systems impact the reef and how the business and social impact strategies we employ can tackle some of these issues. By exploring the Great Barrier Reef and meeting with social innovators in the major Australian cities, our students will research the future of our oceans and businesses and find innovative ways on how the two might work together.

Changing How We Eat: New England

Developing new products and businesses to change food systems

New England is home to some of the oldest farms and most historic sites in the country. The beautiful, vast countryside and booming urban areas have combined to create a rich food culture unlike any other area in America. With the growth of local-only markets, urban agriculture, and “farm-to-table”restaurants, communities have invested themselves and their resources in bring people closer to their food.

Students on this trip will explore food systems from bottom to top. By visiting local farmers and meeting with the social innovators at the forefront of this food revolution, our students will explore our changing diets first hand. With stops at Chocolate factories, vegetarian fast food pop-ups, Ben and Jerry’s, boston area innovation labs, and a cheese maker, we’ll explore all the different facets of food. For our last week in Boston we’ll set up shop at a local co-working space to develop our own food concepts and prototype a new product, restaurant or business in the future food economy.

Pricing, Leaders, Group Flights, and Rough Itineraries are just days away, so if you want to keep updated, send us a note and we’ll add you to the list.

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